The Outer Limits

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I get to watch “old-time” television here the middle mid-west.  As I have mentioned before, I live on a deserted island.  It is deserted as far as technology goes.  We are surrounded by TV Cable lines, U-verse transmission lines etc, but the lines just aren’t quite long enough to make it down this dead-end road where the influential-less reside.   Truthfully though, we DO have access to Verizon communications, however, for the same price that my 87 year old mother receives UNLIMITED cable internet, television and phone, I get; phone, 10 emails and 3 pictures! (bummer)

As I was rotating my television antenna around the other day, I noticed a program from the 1960’s called the Outer Limits.  It was a crossover between suspense and sci-fi.

The show title reminded me of my ancestor project.  Yes, I do have an on-going, pick-it-up, put-it-down ancestor project,  I may have mentioned it previously.  My grandparents began gathering an mapping “some” family members.  My parents picked it up with some continuation, using the original Family Tree software.  (Let me clarify, when I say my parents picked it up, it means my father thought it was a good idea and that my mother should do most of the gathering, sorting etc.)

My youngest son had an interest in the family tree, but didn’t have time to continue it, and misplaced the information.  Enough years ago that I’ve forgotten when, I took copies of the data and began,  with some internet searching , traced the paternal line back to Gravesend, NY (now in Brooklyn) which was surrounded by the community of New Amsterdam (now New York)

I was contacted by a distant cousin, that suggested that a new DNA project was developed by FamilyTreeDNA for tracing family affiliations.  Now, cousin can trace back to Gravesend and I can trace back to Gravesend, so related we are. I had been looking at the results and noted there were about 12 different group classes in our family line.  The DNA test looks at either 12, 24 or 37 markers, each with increasing price. After a couple of years I decided to “jump in” and picked the 24 marker test, as a middle of the road decision.

Speaking of television, I also enjoy watching CSI and NCIS, the technology is intriguing. They can analyze DNA and have results before the investigator comes off their first shift!

After the allotted time (weeks), I received notice that my DNA testing was done.  I hurried to the Web site, looked amongst my relatives, but I wasn’t there!  I looked and looked and  at the bottom of the page, in the “OTHER” classification, was my DNA results.  My family line was an “Ra1a” classification, I was an “Ra1a”, our first 12 markers were identical.  I rationalized, it must be a “holding” tank until “stuff” can be sorted out.   Months passed, and  I was still an “Other”.  I emailed the project leader for reasoning–no answer came.

Two years later my cousin emailed, “hey, did you ever do the DNA test?”  I explained, I was an “Other”.  He looked at the results, got some opinions, and emailed me that I should again contact the project leader and say….dahba, dahba boo, and a bunch of other words he used that I didn’t understand. I did email the project leader—no answer.

Had I only purchased the 12 Marker test, I’d be sitting with the rest of my family, but since I got the extra 12 markers, two of them came up “strange” , so like a prisoner in Guantanamo, I am classified as an “OTHER”.

Two more years have pass, I’m not getting any younger, I looked at the project sheet again,—OTHER–I feel like I’m in the “OUTER LIMITS”.

The only thing I can surmise is that the programmers for Family Tree DNA have been pulled off to write the ObamaCare Website.  ( I mean the Affordable Health Care Act software)!!!!!


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