The Modern Family

Post #207

Somebody asked me the other day if I ever stepped out on the end of  limb and then cut it off?  That is, in relation to topics in this blog.  Wellllllllllll, sometimes I rant about American Politics.  I don’t usually rant about religion. My sister-in-law saw this sign that reminder her of me,  the sign says, “I totally agree with everything I say!”

That same somebody, with grin on their face, asked if we watch  that hilarious comedy “The Modern Family” on TV?  Ahh, well, No.  I find that American television, with its, werewolves, warlocks witches, fantasy stories, time traveling headless horsemen, dysfunctional relationships–whether family or live-ins, a poor excuse for entertainment.

Ok, I do “get in to” a few police type suspense shows, and on free TV, I’ve found enjoyable the reruns of the 60’s and 70’s on certain “old-time stations”.

If you want to see great television, you need only to watch the BBC shows.  Their production, quality of suspense, mystery, comedy, and science fiction far exceeds that of American  television.  If you want an understanding of the development of this county, then PBS’s the American Experience, by Ken Burns, is the show for you.

I don’t need to watch American Television. I can merely to go on any shopping, visitation, or travel trip, there are enough dysfunctional people around me that I don’t need to watch television to see it.

We have advanced ourselves all the way, to ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, the problem is we don’t even realize it, it’s the norm, the Modern Family………


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