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Post # 208

We had a winter storm the other day.  Well, to be precise, it was a “major” winter storm in our western states.  The storm barreled down on my middle mid-western state, but veered right and dumped on the southern half of my state.  We got up early to see the effects, noticed we’d not a snow flake, then watch the traffic reports and smiled, in our retirement. “Don’t have to do that drive any more!”.

We were communing with our second cup of coffee and each other, in front of the Christmas tree, sharing things that we saw, or heard yesterday.  We spoke of seeing the name of the mother, of an acquaintance, in yesterday’s obituary.  I recall this woman struggled with Alzheimer’s.

We began discussing Alzheimer’s, who we knew has or had it. Then we tried to recall when we first heard the use of the term Alzheimer’s .  It’s not been very long used, to our minds.  Well, we decided Alzheimer’s is a lot like or called dementia.

Wait, I knew “it” had been around a long time, but it seems “we” called it something else.  After all this wasn’t a NEW disease.  I think there was another common term??????

What was that term for Alzheimer’s?  We began to work back words;  Dementia? no, no, simpler…..forgetfulness? no, no, simpler, ………..dropsy?  no, no, something else.

We were coming up empty, I reached for the IPad, and began Googling, all I could find were definitions of dementia, symptoms of dementia, early Alzheimer’s, etc. Fifteen minutes, and we were no closer than when we started. What was that word!  We stared at each other with blank looks, into the unknown.  I began feeling senile.

SENILE–the word of the day—“a characteristic of old age, a loss of mental faculties”

I’m feeling right at home…….


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  1. Ben Griggs says:

    Nice one 🙂

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