White Christmas

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White Christmas, that famous song, used in the title of the movie produced in 1954, has the honor of being  known as the biggest selling single worldwide of all time.

Irving Berlin wrote the song in 1940.  It’s first public appearance was by Bing Crosby, live, on the NBC’s Kraft Music Hall, Christmas Day 1941. It was included in the 1942 black and white American Musical, Holiday Inn. The song, White Christmas actually took a back seat to Holiday Inn’s hit  song, “Be Careful It’s My Heart”.  But, by the end of 1942, White Christmas was chart buster!

The JC Penny’s Department Store, 1942, downtown Hammond, Indiana:  A Hammond High, High School girl was working part-time, some of her duties included modeling the latest working wear, for the women who working the production lines, during the war. A young man from southern Illinois was working at JC Penny’s awaiting medical tests to volunteer for the Army Air Corp for pilot training.

They had spotted each other in the days before, but their first date, after work, was in December 1942.  The biggest snowflakes ever, were gently falling from the sky, the number one song was playing, in the background everywhere, White Christmas.  And so began, a union that spanned decades and 10 great-grandchildren.

It’s a Wonderful Life—Merry Christmas


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