Duck Duck Gray Duck

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ALL of my family and my closets friends quickly learn that I’m NOT a gamer.  As an only child, there just wasn’t anyone with which to share that experience.  On some occasions I would get a board game and my parents would play-a-round or so, but they had adult things to do. Therefore most games of competition and skill measurement don’t interest me, whether electronic or otherwise.

I was involuntarily involved in a Gray Duck game once.  ( I should explain, that most of the country calls this game Duck Duck Goose, only in Minnesota is it called Gray Duck!) It’s a tag like game. How I got involved in playing  the game isn’t pertinent to THIS story, however.

It seems to me the entire country is playing Duck Duck Gray Duck, these days; tag, you’re it!

Five decades ago, I had first heard the term.  The term was used to describe certain well-known actors.  Something along the lines like this, “well, Liberace finally came out of the closet”.  I never looked upon it as anything other than an opinion, along the lines of “our family ONLY buys Chevy’s we’d NEVER drive a Ford!”

I’ve been watching, closely, the events surrounding A&E’s, Duck Dynasty fiasco. It’s always interesting observering how sides align. Let me be perfectly clear, again, we don’t have a Dish, DirectTV, or cable TV, therefore I am not an idolizer of this program nor its actors.

What I have seen, is that in general the public appears not to grasp the real under current here.

For fifty years my understanding is that the First Amendment to the Constitution, gives those who have “come out of the closet” the right to so say it. As they push their agenda forward however, without any true argument basis, they decry their nay-sayers as “politically incorrect, or insensitive”.

Alternatively, there are  those being labeled as “politically incorrect”, which have the same right under First Amendment, to express their chagrin over the situation.  This group is often labeled as the Christian Right.   The Christian Right wants everyone to live by rules which they seeming can’t even follow.  This group seems to forget that “coming out of the closet” has a thread of realism throughout the Bible, dating back to Gensis. This group also forgets that even when Jesus walked this earth NOT everyone agreed with him and followed, some turned away.

There was a day when coming out of the closet was a rarity. The one commentator that got this upheaval right said, “those that decry political correctness want to take away the right of free speech of others and put them in the closet”.

Christians want everyone else to subscribe to rules. I seem to recall that’s called acting like a Pharisee. Wouldn’t it be best if the Christian Right just did their best to live the representation of Jesus.  Those who see a difference will join you, those that don’t never will.

The American news media (always helpful and unbiased) likes to ridicule everyone but especially Christians; why? first; because its easy to ridicule something you don’t believe in, and second; Christians are such an easy target.  Now that A&E has rehired Mr. Robertson, some media people have decided they had better go find more “stuff” to stir and have  found comments made in 2009.  This is beginning to sound like the press going back to presidential candidates diaper wearing years!

Duck, Duck Gray Duck, here’s to you Mr. Robertson.  Just live your life as you should, be a holy example. But, you had better never run for office.


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