I think I’m being followed

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Have you ever walked down an unfamiliar path at night.  The surroundings are dark and the night presents all kinds of strange noises, your heart races and your pace quickens.  You begin thinking, that you’re being followed.

I am walking down a path, it seems bright, but everyone around me tells me I’m fooled, it’s dark, and dangerous, with slippery slopes.

Its been a long path, but I can’t decide if I should be fearful or not.  I don’t think I’m frightened, but maybe I should be.  Is this paranoia or are the warnings valid.

A few months ago, Mr. Snowden was a great villain, absconding with millions or billions of bits of data that he was not suppose to have.  Today, many laud as a hero.  The NSA, which has been storing the numbers,  just in case they are needed for a review of potential terrorist links, was the hero of our borders, but today is the villain.  My friends decry loss of privacy, intrusion, etc.

I was checking out the prices on new appliances last fall as one of our was looking for a back door exit (my frig was dying).  Upon leaving the sites and moving on to social networks, low and behold in the margin were ads for the very same appliances I had been researching. My search history was tracking me. So to were the ads in the banner of a search engine I use.

Everyone of my fearful friends has a cell phone,  IPad or similar device that  has GPS tracking inside.  Sure you could shut it off, but most people do not, they like to have weather, traffic or gas station, restaurant information at their finger tips, they are tracked everywhere they go. Some retailers even have programs that track the customers cell phone into their store and down to the isle they are standing in.

Privacy?  I grew up in an age when threat of a nuclear attack by the USSR was a when, not an if.  It was imperative that we develop spy satellites that could count the buttons on your shirt. And so we did.

Google Earth, even I can count the number of boats fishing on my favorite fishing hole.

I think I’m being followed.  No, I know I being followed.  Where I get concerned, is who should I be fearful of?  Or more importantly, why should I more fearful of the government taking away rights, than the other group who can take away my current existence because they have my entire financial, and health history that can be sold or lost to some hacker because of sloppy security? Not possible? This last Christmas shopping season Target computers were hacked and lost the data of more than 100 million customers.

I hear rustling on both sides of my dark path, I think I’m being followed. No I know I’m  being follow, friend or foe?


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2 Responses to I think I’m being followed

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    “why should I more fearful of the government taking away rights, than the other group who can take away my current existence because they have my entire financial, and health history that can be sold or lost to some hacker because of sloppy security?”

    You shouldn’t. Neither are acceptable. Target is getting creamed in the press right now, as it should be. So is the NSA. They were both irresponsible with my data, but at least Target only had what they needed for marketing/purchases. The NSA has been collating enough information to paint an entire picture of a person, one that could easily be misinterpreted (or, if you’re more skeptical, deliberately misrepresented) and used against one’s very freedom.

  2. tgriggs17 says:

    Humm, Scotland Yard wants to talk to 3 burglars that were active at the hotel in Portugal when 3 year old Magdalene McCann went missing. It seems there was a significant increase in their telephone traffic at the time of Magdalene’s disappearance. She disappeared in 2007, wonder how they learned about the increased telephone traffic?

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