Who Moved my Cheese

Post #214

There was a book out not long ago titled Who Moved my Cheese?  It wasn’t a large book, maybe a hundred pages or so.  It was an excellent study that every manager of people or manager of processes should read.  It was a study in redundancy and an inspiration to think outside the box.

It was a story of two mice in a maze, that were trained to go to a particular station for cheese.  After a while the cheese was gone and never returned, yet the mice continued to return to the same location, over and over again. It became a study on how long do you do you do the repeat, over and over, when there are no positive results.

I can recall my growing up years was spent in anticipation of January 1st.  Of course, I liked all of the other holidays also, and no I wasn’t and am not an avid fan of time marching forward.  But I reveled in January 1st.

I began the day watching the Rose Parade.  Following that was the college football junkie’s lover’s ecstasy.  I watched the Rose Bowl (the only bowl for the Big Ten), then it was the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl. By the time the Orange Bowl was over at midnight, I had had my fill of college football for six months.

Bowl games were for the pride of division. In those days only one Big Ten school was allowed to attend a bowl game.  The best of the Big Ten always played the best of the Pac 10 in the Rose Bowl.

you BCS for nothing.  Originally, people went to college to better themselves for life’s work, athletics trouble while you were away from home.

More recently, college sports has become merely a stepping stone into professional sports.  Candidates look for the best college sports program that will give them national exposure so the pro’s can pick them up after one or two years in college.

College football has moved from pride and entertainment to big money.  Big money is why the Big Ten created its own TV Network, it’s why there are more bowl games than you can count and why ESPN out bids ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX for bowl games. I see now that the SEC is creating it’s own TV Network.

Big money has moved my cheese, but I’m going to fool them.  I’m not going to follow. I no longer care who goes to which bowl.  I couldn’t even tell  you who played in the last BCS Championship game.

Thank you BCS, Big Ten Network, ESPN etal. you moved my cheese.


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