My Feminine Side

Post #218

I recall a few years ago there was a real PUSH, to have men “get in touch” with their feminine  side.  I can tell you that really impressed me,….I never understood it, but I was impressed.  When I heard the term getting in touch with your feminine side I just figured that was some flaky marketing strategy. Like something to do with valentines day.

Speaking of Valentines day, this may come a surprise, but I’m not much of a romantic.  At least that’s what my wife says.  I believe that I’m romantic, but then again I’m a guy.  An “old school” guy to be exact.

There are just some things that don’t “push” my buttons, therefore I can’t really focus on the good and bad, or good and better of them.

Take cards for example.  My wife loves cards, they’re ok, but ever walk into a Card Store, your faced with a Ga’zillion different ones…which to choose?

Consider clothing, my idea of an ideal bit of attire, isn’t even on my wife’s radar screen!

Then there’s candy, that’s always and easy out, but at our age, a little candy goes a loooooooong way, at least a long way around the waistline.

And flowers, yes, my wife adores flowers.  After almost 45 years and probably 4 or 5 bouquets of roses, just mentioning that I  THOUGHT about buy flowers makes her heart race!

On February 10th a couple of years ago, I entered a store and told the salesman” I am shopping for a new chainsaw for valentines day for my wife”.  The store got deathly quite…….the salesmen says, “You must have an awfully good wife!”   “I do” says I.

We were pretty poor in 1971, I bought my wife a package of Oreo’s for Valentines Day.

Yep, I’m just a romantic, trying to get in touch with his feminine side!

I think it best if I coin the man’s prayer from the Red Green Show, “I’m a Man, and I can change, if I have to, I guess”.

PS. WARNING, to you younger men, I wouldn’t try this at home, it could be hazardous to you health……


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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