After the Nor’easter

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My thoughts always turn to this next story whenever I think about our Nor’easter.

We vacation in Minnesota, having a mobile home at a resort on Leech Lake.  The year following our Nor’easter experience, we had the opportunity to “upsize” to another unit at the same location.  Almost immediately someone wanted our original unit.

The problem, the buyers were in Minnesota, we were in Indiana.

We need to pack up personal items, and store them in our nearby 8X16 shed.   So, I obtained moving boxes and again on spring break, my wife, youngest son and I headed for Minnesota.  Our resort, had just changed ownership, so we arranged for lodging at a near by resort with in-door heated pool and a restaurant .  (this would keep my high school’er happy)

We arrived to three feet of crusted snow.  The crust was thick enough that I could walk on it!  It took two days of packing in an unheated mobile home and lugging boxes to the shed.  We stuffed the shed to the doors. The resort we chose to stay at had a restaurant, like I said, that turned out not be open for lack of business.  Apparently one room rented out of 25 didn’t warrant firing up the griddle.  Twenty miles to the one restaurant in town for our meals.  My son and I took a walk on the lake, around the point and became so tired trudging through the snow that we couldn’t get back, so we decided to go on shore and cut across the peninsula.  We didn’t realize the shore line ice shelf would be like scaling a rock wall.

Our job accomplished, we pointed the car for home.

On the trip home our high school son said, we spent this spring break in Minnesota, my last spring break in blizzard in Pennsylvania, ……..  don’t expect me to spend another spring break with you two!

Guessing he didn’t appreciate dad’s vacation planning……


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to After the Nor’easter

  1. Such grateful little sh____, eh? We took chris to the Grand Canyon when he was about 16. Too lazy to get up for the sunrise…to bored to go on the trails. The next year in World Geography. (! Do they even have that amymore?) He told us he’d really like to go back to the Grand Canyon as he might have missed something!!! Gotta love ’em!

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