And the Answer Is?

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Some of my ramblings are pretty good, and others are not so, so I’ve heard.  At my stage of life, I get a lot of time to consider things, hence the blog’s title, Life and Times.  So, I’m just not certain. I’m still trying to sort it out, maybe you can help me? What is the answer?

It was a warm Saturday morning in August. Old man Stonebreaker had died last year.  None of the kids wanted the remainder of his belongings.  So, the community gathered, in 1962, to the auction of his life’s remainders.  It wasn’t a large place, actually small compared to other farms around the area.  It was poor ground, this 30 acres.  But, there were items left behind that could be someone else’s treasure.

I had very little money in my pocket,  so I wandered around. Dad was here looking for something, what I no longer remember.  As usual (much as today shopping with my wife) he went left, I right.  Each to his own direction.

Life was simpler then, everything was simpler then,  At auctions today, you must show your drivers license, register at some table, get a numbered card and wave it the air to bid, check out AND pay a 13% premium for buying junk.  When life was simple, in 1962, you arrived, looked around, some item catches your eye, you nod your head, pay your cash and home you would go.

I nodded my head that day, and came home with a 16 gauge shotgun, half a box of shells, a small-game  carrying vest and a leather 22-ammo belt, all for the tidy sum of $5.25. I was 15.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it was a fantastic squirrel gun.

I don’t hunt squirrels anymore, my wife won’t cook’em.  My mother would cook’em and now I am wondering if she liked to or just did it for me?

Once in a while a school friend would come over, and we’d hunt squirrels in our woods.  When there were two us hunting, we usually used rifles to hunt, they were safer than shotguns.

So, I’m not certain.  What happened between yesterday and today?  I know I didn’t sleep through it.  I was here or there, we all were.  I was somewhere, not cognizant that demons of change were creeping up upon us.

Somewhere between a 15 year old having no other thoughts than buying a squirrel gun and someone opening fire in a school, mall, or grocery store, we have changed.  How?  Why? And the answer is what, or how, how did we change?  What caused us to loose site of squirrel hunting and move into people killing?  It’s not the gun. What guns do haven’t changed since their creation. People have changed. Why?

Can it be just one simple thing or is it many things colliding together?  Can we reverse it?

So, is the answer that we have had TOO much freedom so some should be taken away?How do you pick and chose which rights to preserve and which to take away?  Where’s the answer?

Will it be as simple as an Executive Order, that circumvents our Constitution’s check and balance system?  If so, then why have an election, if one person’s will has all the power?

I believe this demon of change has many heads, can you cut of just one?


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