No Remeberance

Post #223

When you’re laying there, looking up at the sky, it doesn’t come to mind.  No, not until a hours later.

It began as a day full of expectation, friends were arriving for a long weekend visit. I was up early, doing some straightening and cleaning in the man-cave. Cleaning the fireplace.  I got a couple of things in town.  One item was solar salt.  We had been having lots of snow and in the midst,  a rain that froze the driveway.  There were places on the drive with an inch of ice.  Then there was the steps, snow melt had created little mounds of frozen mass under the snow.

It was upon the steps where I was laying, staring into the sky, moaning loudly enough that my wife could hear me in the house.  I had been stacking wood, a mundane task, repetitively achieved, to the extent your mind is filled with diversions.  While stacking the wood, my mind had diverted to an email I was mentally drafting.  Then, with all work done and still composing the email, I stepped down upon a place I had avoided for 2 weeks!

She had heard the thump and thought I dropped some wood, that is, until the moans were heard.  Then there she was, standing on the porch in those stupid, flat, no traction loafers, wanting to step onto the ice to help me get up.  NO!  I could just see her stepping upon the ice and then how could I have helped her get up if I couldn’t even help myself?

A handhold here, a roll over to the left, a little of this and then that, and I was up.  Up, but not yet mobile.  As long as I moved left, I had only a little gimp with flinching pain. My walk was sort of like going in circles.  If you make the circles large enough you eventually get somewhere, even if it’s the wrong side of the house.

I was on the couch when, it came to me, I thought of those stupid health questions on the “Over 65” Medicare Information sheet, “If you fall, is there someone nearby to help you?”  My mind flashed to the crazy TV commercial that all the college kids make fun of……  “HELP! I’VE FALLEN and I CAN’T GET UP!”

No I couldn’t remember any of that at the time, all I could do is feel the pain, while the sky look down upon me. My mind scanned every inch of my body searching for that broken whatever, that would keep me on the ground until an ambulance came. Thankfully, the ambulance was not needed.

Worst part about this story, it’s the second time in two weeks the ice has claimed this body!  I think it’s stalking me!!!

Dang it summer!!!  Get here, would ya!!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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