No Shoes No Shirt No Service

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All my life I have seen the signs.  The signs of this and that, STOP, GO, YIELD.  Signs give you all kinds of information. They are everywhere, most retail sales establishment have one sign or another, in prominent view.

NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE. —- It’s an interesting phrase, one I’ve come to see, respect, and obey.

This establishment requires COAT and TIE. — We are planning a cruise and I see there is a dinner dress code.  Much like the this one seen at certain establishments.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE YOUR BUSINESS — This one has really kept me at bay, realizing that if I cross my eyes to the owner’s dissatisfaction, out the door I go!

Arizona, most recently, attempted to provide it’s resident businesses with an opportunity, the Right to Refuse customers if their outward actions defy the businesses’ religious view point.  A difficult line to walk at best.

A great number of non-Arizona businesses, however, decried the error of the legislators thinking.  Significant pressure came to bear upon the governor, with intimidating threats of withholding future business opportunities from Arizona.

After a significant amount of national press coverage, the Governor vetoed the bill.  A general sigh of relief could be heard across the county, with the press touting how Arizona finally had come to its senses.

If you are a non-American, attempting to understand the American cultural attitudes, you will have this take-a-way;

First, in America we believe it’s not ok to discriminate against one’s thinking, but is ok to discriminate against one’s appearance.

Second, American’s believe that public bullying and intimidation is a proper, valuable and appropriate tool for big business and the press, which is a faster, thereby better venue than our judicial system.  (Is it any wonder why our kids bully each other?)



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