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I worked for a (state) government agency for 33 years.   From the public, there is always a lot of consternation, concerning government employees.  How we waste time, how we’re slow, we don’t stay abreast of new developments.  I’ve learned over the years that those same sayings may be applied to many businesses.

There are certain things that the public just doesn’t understand.  First, since government employees handle public funds a significant amount of checks and balances have been put into place.  In fact, I would say, that the government will spend a dollar to protect a dime.  That’s true for the inner-workings, but not so true when handing out money.  Secondly, most politicians would rather err in giving out too much money to too many rather than not give out enough money, after all they might miss a constituent.

Being in a government job, you are employed at the whim of the political leaders, whether it’s the Governor or the President.  A new leader usually brings in a new leadership team from somewhere “out-there”.  You new boss(es) marvel at your lack of knowledge on new ideas.  New Ideas!?!?!?  Government employees are usually so busy tip toeing through the legislative red tape, it’s difficult to stay up on new ideas.

After I retired, I began doing a few hours of consulting, to those I had recently left.  I have recently received an invitation to attend a “Consultants Seminar”.  I began reflecting upon what these seminars really do.  In these seminars, we consultants begin using these new and enlightened terminologies.  Let me give you a few terms and then a picture definition.

Right Sizing-this is term that’s been around for a while.  The reality, is that right sizing is always good for your employer, and always bad for you.  This term replaces the previously used term, layoffs.

Synergy-this was a term whose sound always confused me.  Defined it means the sum of the whole is great than its individual parts.. (duh)   Example, a whole pie is greater than the individual pieces.  How about, a whole car, put together, is better than all of the individual parts laid out on your garage floor!  From a consultant’s standpoint, we’ll do a better job if we all work together for the end goal.

Best Practices-I took a refresher course in accounting’s best practices not long ago.  Always keep your debits and credits in the right order.  Or picture this, the best practice for your finger is NOT stick it into an electrical outlet!  Actually, best practice means nothing more than don’t take short cuts, and you’ll make less mistakes.

Ah, Yes, the life of a consultant. The best practice for a consultant is to make up a new word or term to cover an old action, and you’ll have billable hours for years.


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