Baby Showers

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At my age I’ve seen a lot of people having  babies;  Our children, friends, children’s friends and friends children.  All of these babies to-be, create an industry of parties and the buying and exchanging of gifts. The ladies all have an air of excitement, with baby showers.  The first-time mother-to-be is apprehensive, the experienced mothers-that-are, are elated.  It is the father-to-be that feels out of place.

I had touched on the topic of My Feminine  Side (02/09/2014) in a previous blog.  But in the political correctness of INCLUSIVENESS, these baby showers are now ‘requiring’ the male of our species to attend.  The parties usually include games and prizes.  In my generation, wedding and baby showers are (were) strictly a feminine event.  The male of my species attitude  of attendance to the shower as would a five year old boy’s requirement to a tea party.  There are just some things that still send shivers down our backs.

A baby shower was given for a young couple in our church recently.  The men reverted back to a non-attending stance.  One of the husbands, however,  suggested the beginning of a new tradition, a Father-to-be tool shower.

Arrangement were made, a date set, gifts purchased.  We gathered one dreary, cool spring afternoon, for coffee around a camp fire.  The coffee was followed by manly art of skeet shooting.  Everyone shot skeet. Well, everyone shot skeet except for me, the eldest of the attendees.  I opted out of the shoot.  Being the eldest, there were certain things that I understood better than most.  First, after not shooting for 30 years, the recoil of 20 to 30 rounds of a 12 gauge, makes ones shoulder VERY sore.  Second, since the requirement of bi-focals, certain rapid head-eye movements no longer function is unison.  Thirdly,  I began hunting 50 years ago, and there has not been a pheasant, quail, grouse nor skeet whose survival has ever been in jeopardy.  Skeet aren’t free, why waste one, on my shot.

Once the afternoon activities were over, we moved on to the refreshments, man’s refreshments, chile with onions, brats with onions, hot dogs with onions and onions with onions!  Then we topped it off with Texas sheet cake!

Yep, I believe this manly shower, is on the verge of breaking new traditional ground. I can see the box stores marketing strategies now, make your manly registrations now, with us 10% of all tool belts!




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