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Do you visit a dentist?  Like anything else you possess, cars, house, heart, head,  it’s well to maintain your teeth.

I used to never visit the dentist.  Then my employer offered dental coverage in our health plan and WOW, I had three cavities and a crown in my first visit.  I began regular visits after that.

After returning to the middle Midwest, my dentist seemed to understand two things, crowns and root canals.   There was this one time, when I began having constant throbbing pain.  I made an appointment with my dentist, who quickly determined that a root canal was needed.  He recommended an acquaintance who could work me in the next 30 minutes that very afternoon, after a 25 minute drive!  Arriving almost timely, the orthodontist began testing my teeth after I explained the approximate location of the pain.  I should have been concerned because he definitely couldn’t identify which tooth, so he just picked one.  The tooth he picked, he also had to metal-band to hold it together, do to the micro fractures from eating popcorn and ice.  An hour and half and $900 later the Sure Cure of root canal was finished.   But I would need to go back to my dentist to have the band removed.

The return visit to my dentist required impressions and crowning on the fractured, root canalled tooth and another $900. When all was said and done, the low throbbing pain, lingered. Rather than return to this circular fiasco, I decided to invest in Ibuprofen.

Life was good, with Ibuprofen, until the day a year later, sitting at the table with my son and grandson, having ice cream and talking that I took a sip of warm coffee.  POP!!  The tooth, next to the Sure Cured Root Canal, split right down middle! Yes, this was what had been causing my discomfort for 2 years.

A different Orthodontist and $5000 later, I had an implant.  Now, that’s what I call a sure cure!  Be careful about root canals, and the people that preform them, sometimes the only canal they seek is one to your wallet!



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