The Turkey Shoot

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When I discussed Baby Showers a few blogs ago, it reminded me of 1958.

Someone had decided that our little town needed a scouting program to keep the boys off the streets.  Certainly the information must have been passed around our Kolling Elementary School, for soon I became a member of the troop.

As our year progressed the troop began looking for money-making events.  One of the leaders came up with the idea of a turkey shoot.  Now to an eleven year old, the idea of a turkey shoot was a marvel.  I pictured a flock of turkeys running around while people shot at them! The money-making event required troop participation.

It was a clear, crisp, sunny spring Saturday morning.  We lived in northern Indiana, Lake County to be exact.  My father drove me to the shoot, on the corner of US 31 and US 41.  You can imagine my surprise to upon our arrival, at the edge of the field, three wooden boxes but no turkeys. I soon discovered that the boxes held a machine that thru these round clay disks (clay pigeons) out into the air, cool!  Cool, until I learned that these machines had to be hand fed and WE scouts were required to take turns sitting in “the box” and loading the clay disks into these automatic throwing machines while people shot over our heads!  I managed to run around most of the day and avoid :the box”.

The day wore on, and soon one of the assistant scout masters, tapped me on the shoulder and said he needed me.  I was lead to one of “the boxes”, I was a nervous wreck.  There was very little room in the box, as I ‘fed’ clays onto the machine.  Sometimes I fumbled, and didn’t get it loaded.  I didn’t think I was ever going to be done with it.  Finally my time ended.

I learned that my father had participated in the shoot, and was only one shot away from the grand prize of a turkey.  Wow, I never knew my father was that good of a shot.

Just another day, almost forgotten, in the life of a kid.









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