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I had lived happily for 30 and half years never having met a bagel.  I don’t recall ever being introduced to one, before that point in my life.

One winter day I had an early appointment that concluded mid-morning.  I was in a portion of Minneapolis that I usually didn’t frequent, but, knowing I would be near, and that my appointment would be brief, I took along an address of a summertime friend.  He was surprised to see me when I knocked on his door. He invited me in, I greeted his wife, and he led me to kitchen. We sat and chatted while he slipped a couple of bagels in his toaster oven.  I thought; is a toaster oven something all older people obtain?  I was introduced to Bagels, it was his midmorning snack, cream cheese and blueberry jam.

I had met Lenny at the resort on Leech Lake which we both frequented.  Lenny and Dorothy were actually my parents friends, but being forward as I am, I considered my parents friends equally shared with me.

Lenny was Jewish, hence my introduction to the bagel.  Dorothy was Christian, and their dachshund was just always crabby.  Although I never learned, I always wondered how the marriage of a Jewish person and a Christian maintained itself through the differing theological holidays.  Lenny had retired after selling his men’s clothing business.  Lenny and Dorothy had been vacationing on Leech Lake for 40 years.  Lenny always purchased the American Plan, believing that Dorothy was also on vacation, and should not be required to do cooking.  (which sets a poor example for the rest of us)

Lenny was a jovial person, easy to be around, and enjoyed life.  Fishing stories was his love. He also understood service.  Being in the retail clothing sales business, service was his life.  Back at the resort, the owners, were phasing out of service.  When anyone was injured on playground equipment, it was quickly dismantled and thrown on the trash heap. (We wondered if the owners failed to carry insurance)  Soon Lenny and Dorothy were the only American Plan visitors, and based upon Lenny’s comments the food began being almost unbearable.

Yes, Lenny was surprised the day I stopped by.  Dorothy was still in bed, she could no longer arise without assistance. They were happy to have an out of the usual visitor.

I was happy to meet bagels.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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