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Post #238

Flying…… I don’t like flying.  I have said this before.  I can remember when flying was fun.  In the early days of commercial flight, you were served real food with real silverware, stamped with the airlines logo, and real napkins.  You were awarded a plaque for flying 100,000 and 1 million miles.  Today, you just get jostled from one place to another, probed, scanned, and picked out of line for explosives monitoring.

We recently did a cruise that included a flight from Anchorage to Seattle.  I hadn’t realized that our luggage was not part of our flight.  We had to pay extra to have our luggage fly with us!

We were sitting in our seats, everyone with reading materials opened.  I was reading an old standby, “Why I believe”, by Dr. James Kennedy.  The man on my left was reading a book entitled “Jesus, Empower Me”.  I saw him glance at my book title.  I thought, hum, a chance for discussion.  I asked about his destination.  He talked about the recent death of the bible study colleague.  I asked about his church.  I asked if the book was for his study? Getting responses was like talking to a teenager.

Finally, I sat back, got quite.  I thought about his book.  Evidently, my expectations of empowerment were different than what he was reading. He didn’t seem to want to be empowered to discuss faith.  He merely wanted to be empowered to read the book.

Sadly, many Christians have the same attitude.


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