In The Land of the Midnight Sun

Post #239

My wife has been using her thinking cap.  She’s been thinking we’ve been married a LONG time, and we should be celebrating.  (I’m guessing that the usual summer trips up north was not in her definition of “celebrating”.)  She began talking about a Disney World trip for our 45th anniversary and an Alaskan Cruise for our 50th.

One morning she awoke, rolled over, looked at me and said, I think we should move Alaska up to THIS year (our 45th)!  All I heard was we need to move the trip up.  My mind quickly jumped to….what is SHE seeing that I don’t see?  I began thinking of scheduling MRI’s, CT’s and Nuclear EKG’s!   Then I began thinking of the people for which we attended a 50th wedding anniversary.  Usually, at the party, one of the celebrant’s health wasn’t good, or soon there-after wasn’t.

My mind reflected on an old movie, “The Far Country” with Jimmy Stewart and Walter Brennan.  Two cowboys take a herd of cattle up to Dawson City in the Yukon.  I thought the Yukon would be interesting.  We began planning, wanting more than just a boat ride, getting off at every tourist town.  We explored the Land-Cruise plan.  Like Jimmy Stewart, we left the boat in Skagway, Alaska and headed for the “Far County”.  We crossed the White Pass and into British Columbia, up to Whitehorse and Dawson City, Yukon, flew into Fairbanks, then bused down to Denali and to Anchorage.

I had always heard of the Land of the Midnight Sun, but couldn’t really fathom the concept.  We were there in mid-May.  The sun set at 11:50pm and rose at 3:30am, the sky was never truly dark.

We thoroughly enjoyed the difference in the terrain and vegetation. It really is a different land. Although the highest peak in North America is Denali, the second highest is Mt Logan in the Yukon.  It is said that with the shift in the Continental Shelf, Mt Logan will eventually be higher than Denali, but moves northward into Alaska, it’s moving about 2 inches per year,

Guess I have to plan another trip to visit Mt Logan when it enters the United States!

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun, where men moil for gold,                   The Artic Trail have their secret tales, That would make your blood run cold,….”

(The Cremation of Sam McGee-Robert Service)


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