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A number of politicians supported the building of the Keystone pipeline from Canada into Nebraska.  I suppose they considered it as current jobs improvement option.  The TransCanada Pipeline Web Site promoted the construction as a critical infrastructure project for the energy security of the United States.  Additionally allowing American Oil Producers more access to Midwestern and Gulf Coast refineries.

WAIT! I’m confused!  How could this pipeline add to our security? And, how could a Canadian pipeline, pumping Canadian oil allow more access by American Oil Producers?  What Canada wanted to ship to us was SANDY oil.  Our refining would purify the crude and remove the sandy sludge.  How would we dispose of the sludge?  As much as I like Canada, I don’t want their sludge.  Luckily, it seems this pipeline is dead, and Canada is looking, instead, to build a pipeline across to British Columbia and export to Asia.  ( I like that idea!)

Here is some internet sourced information (you do know that EVERYTHING on the internet is true!)

1.  We EXPORT (2012 information) 3.2 million barrels of oil per day.

2. A large portion of our export is oil not clean enough to meet U.S. standards (we’re shipping dirty oil)

3.  We IMPORT (2012 information) 10.6 million barrels of oil per day.

4. Our largest volume foreign supplier is Canada.

5.  40% our daily needs are supplied by foreign suppliers.

6.  57% of our oil processing is foreign oil. (I don’t know how 40% of daily needs equates to 57% processing)

7.  The Trans-Alaskan pipeline currently transports 80 million barrels per day, down 90% from it’s initial volume in 1978

8. Laws were passed to block the export of Alaskan oil.

9.  The U.S. Commerce Dept. has quietly authorized (June 2014) the export of Condensate, which is a from of light crude.  Light crude produces more product with less processing than does heavy crude. Light crude, demands a higher price due to less expense to process and it’s cleaner.    The export is expect to begin in August 2014 to Europe and Asia.

We again see our gasoline prices 10 to 15 cents higher than last week.  I understand the world believes we don’t pay enough for our fuel.  The petroleum industry claims, wants you to believe that the shaky situation in Iraq has caused the price hike.  You need to understand that this is a lie.  Only 4% of our import supply comes from Iraq!  Do to the long term Iraq situation we have decreased Iraq imports by 29%.

Whoa, let’s look at this.  If import 10.6 million barrels per day and Iraq only amounts to 4% (or 424 thousand barrels per day), then if we KEPT our on light crude, we wouldn’t need any Iraq crude!  This could never be, it makes too much sense. Since the government is nonsensical, they would never see this as rational!

Maybe the biggest entitlement program we have, is the industrial-palms we grease that screws our own national citizenry.


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