Changing Direction Part 1

Post #242

I’m reading a book.  Well, calling it a book is like saying I’m listening to a record.  Who listens to records or reads a real book?  I’m reading a digital “book”.  I’m in the middle of it, so I’m uncertain of its conclusion.

But, it has gotten me to thinking.  I remember in the 1960’s from my Methodist back ground, that there was discussion concerning the topic that God is dead.  Actually, “God is Dead” was a movement, to disengage people from the faith. It seems to me that this movement began the off-shoot of ,”if you can’t see it or touch it, then it’s not real” movement.

As I said in my “It’s was 1967” blog, the Presbyterian Church gave up the bible as the literal word of God, in favor of the position that the bible was an historical type of documnt good for a potential guidance, but its guidance was optional.

So, I have begun thinking.  What do you expect from your (the) church?  What should a church look like?

I worked with a woman that, as a Presbyterian, she learned that God loves everyone, so much so that HE wouldn’t let anyone perish.

I have known some people that continue to worry whether or not they have “met the bar”, done enough to be saved?  Some believe that the (I’m talking Christian) church mission should be defined by, how many people you convert, or baptize, or get in the pews, or generate building expansions, or how many political issues you can champion, or social issues you can keep at the forefront.

So, as you sit in the pew, chair, bench–whatever, look at your church and ask; what is my churches direction?  What does my church do?

If you don’t sit in a pew, why don’t you?  Are you like some people who refuse to attend because everyone there is a hypocrite?  Or since you can’t see it, or touch it, then it’s just not real, type of person?

Think on this.

Part 2 next time, hopefully I will have the book finished.


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