Changing Direction Part 2

Post #243

I’ve been thinking about the basis of this book I’ve been reading.  As I have read the Epistles, I now see a disconnect between the their direction and the later church.  Apparently others felt a disconnect, because the Reformation changed direction of many in the faith.

In the last blog, I asked if you, church attenders, knew the mission, direction of your particular church?  Our church is in a state of transition. We are between Pastors/leaders. When asked about our mission, our little congregation arrived at nearly 25 different conclusions. We seem to not have grasp the purpose of our name sake, Christ.

Looking over the bible, Christ never deemed Political Kingship as his life long dream, nor did he develop social agendas with “what would God do” type slogans.  It was obvious that the people of Christ’s time were dysfunctional, disconnected and the False Teachers/Pharisees/Sadducees/hypocrites were more concerned with political correctness and their own well being than for those for which they were responsible.

Christ’s sole purpose was to “re-connect” us to God. We fail to realize that we have in infinite time line, only a short portion of which is here on this earth.  We can be reconnected to God, through Christ and spend our next portion of existence in Heaven or we can be disconnected and be separated from God and be in Hell.  If you remember, at the Judgment, there is ONE book of life, and many books of those who will “perish”. Not perish to a burning inferno, but to a state of extreme, hopeless despair, separated from God.

As you look around it is obvious that we are a dysfunctional worldly family, separated from God.

It is our mission to help the helpless become reconnected to God. How do we do that?  RTB, Read The Book.  It is not to say that the book I’ve read is the all encompassing road map, rather it is a good “eye opener”. Hell is for Real (but I hate to admit it) by Brian Jones.


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