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I’ve been thinking a lot about toothpaste lately.

I remember the toothpaste of my childhood.  Crest was the leading brand of the 50’s, it had patented Fluoride included.  Colgate was second in line, but without the Fluoride.  Tooth paste was always creamy, white, tasted good, almost worth eating!  Then there was the brand that came out of the tube striped!  Yes, it was striped, white tooth paste with two or three red striped down the side!  I never figured out how they did that.  Later, I believe someone came our with another flavor, that had one RED stripe and an GREEN stripe.

I’m now closing out my sixth decade.  Even though I gave up smoking many years back, my coffee consumption is near phenomenal.  About ten years ago my wife decided that our teeth were yellowing.  So we tried the whitening strips, cumbersome as they were. We ran through the process, but never went back to them.  Four years ago( or maybe it was 8 years ago, remember I’m in my sixth decade, and time lines tend to shrink), I changed toothpaste.  I found a “whitening” brand with lots of baking soda and some mint guaranteed to make your smile brighter.  It did!  My grandkids wanted to try grandpa’s toothpaste, and they went running to mommy for sympathy, screaming YUK all the way.

As things usually happen to me, having settled on a seemingly successful product, the manufacturer must have decided that I didn’t produce enough product profit, so the paste was cancelled, finished, cleared from the shelves.

I sadly threw my empty tube away and announced to my wife, that we could again become a ONE TOOTHPASTE family!  I began using HER chosen product.  Ok, so my selection may not have been outstanding, but her selection, is like brushing with yogurt! YUK !!!!

I’ve endured the yogurt for the past two months. Finally, on one of her trips to town, I ask my wife to pick my up another brand, which I carefully described. ( I don’t want to hear anymore how I don’t listen to her description of something she wants me to pick up for her.)  She came back with a totally different brand.  It’s slightly pasty!

I guess as you get older, there are just some things that are no longer share-able.  Toothpaste has now found a place on that list!


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  1. Eulalia says:

    I had a good chuckle over this one!

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