When you are born

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You instantaneously fall within one of two classification when you’re born;  Hairless or having hair.  I was a member of the having hair group.  In fact, I had a lot of hair, it was thick and black(ish).

I grew to follow the maternal side of the family, concerning my hair, early graying.   Yes, my mother began graying at 21, my grandmother began turning white at 16.

When I was in my early 40’s, my hair was graying, and I had a “salt and pepper” beard.  More salt than pepper!

As long as I can remember, (which in my sixth decade isn’t as long as it used to be-remembrance that is) , my wife has been getting her hair “done” every month.  My hair seemly grows as fast as my wife’s but just not as much of it, any more.  In my later years, my hair has followed my paternal side.  That means it’s getting A LOT thinner on top, but is it’s normal thickness on the sides.  My most pronounced (hairy) feature are my side burns. I wear glasses, so my side burns tend to curl up around hair cutting time.

My wife has been cutting my hair for 45 years.  After all that time, she has the regular nicks and oops down pat!  It doesn’t bother me, I can’t see them anyway.  The curious thing is, she knows are hair grows at relatively the same rate as hers, so how is it, she can see her need, but can’t see my curls staring right at them?

About a week after her hair appointment, she begins commenting that I could use a hair cut.  I, in my normal patient manner, await the comment; Now’s the time!.  Usually another week later, I take the scissors into the bathroom  and cut my curls!  Finding my remenants on the sink, she expounds; “Did you cut your hair?”  “Only the part I could see”, says I.

Another  three days later, she finally says, “We’re going to cut your hair”.  Interesting phrase, there is no “we’re” in this, I sit, she cuts.

I think I’ve finally figured out why my hair cuts are so far apart, she’s hoping I’ll go bald before the next cutting!

When you’re born, you fall within one of two classifications, hairless or hairy.  If you’re a male with hair, life will eventually move into that other classification.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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2 Responses to When you are born

  1. steve says:

    I think you might be in your 7th decade. Sorry to correct your math.

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