The Great Smart Phone War

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I shake my head and wonder, what happened to us, my wife and I.  Thirty years ago, I wondered why older people were the way they were.

We are part of the Dumb Phone generation. I’ve never been shy of technology.  But, I let the phone industry pass me by recently.  I have watched my kids with their smart phones and my grandchildren easily maneuver around the screens, wishing I had their capabilities.  Friends I encounter daily lead a smart phone life.

So this was the summer I would convince my wife we would return from vacation with smart phones, then be able to eat at the table while scanning our emails, Facebook and news announcements.  In the middle of the summer our closest friends obtained smart phones, while on their children’s family plan.  Investigating our children, I learn that they are all on family plans with in-laws already.

So, of I went searching first for a good phone.  It’s taken two months, but I finally have made a selection, then came the “plan”.  I have been a Verizon customer for years and years.  I not only have Verizon dumb phones, but the home phone wireless as well as MIFI wireless. (Previous blogs have lamented the lack of internet support by governmentally  supported telephone and cable companies.) The new Verizon plan wants to charge me an extra $20/mo. for the MIFI I have been using for 4 years and other additional costs.

My local (summer) Verizon office was not helpful, even though a Cell Phone Company war is now in progress, the local office could give me the same FREE PHONE, because their “inventory was depleted”, and they would need to order the phone and charge me $299!

So, attempting to be part of the NOW generation, I got on line, live chatted my self to the free phone offer (after going through the pic-a-picture security plan, two new question and answers and other stuff), then the chatterer closed the session and there I sat with the WRONG Plan! A plan that would cost me a bundle!

Stepping back into the OLDER GENERATATION mode; I land-lined a live agent, and after 20 minutes determined that we were on a plan that is no longer in existence.  The minimum new old people smart phone (only) plan, holding all other portions static, would require another $50 per month outlay or $600 per year!  OUCH!

Since there’s a cell phone war on, I moved my search to AT&T.  After discussing their costs with my wife, we thought the AT&T plan sounded good.  WAIT!  We looked at it again, worded differently than the Verizon Plan, the bottom line is $50 more per month than we are paying now.  humph!

We have decided that war or no war, smart phones will not be on our horizon.  We’ll just live with phones shutting down in mid-text, cumbersome key pads etal.

Oh! Yes! I must also correct my last Blog as well as many before it!  I was crushed yesterday.  It came to my attention that I (mentally) have aged a decade!  Aged the decade in less than a minute!  A friend, and reader, reminded me that I am not in my sixth decade but rather my SEVENTH!  Oh, did I feel older quickly!!!!!


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  1. says:

    2 blogs in one week? I enjoyed both of them!

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