Religion Class 101

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It’s the last of August and our thoughts are turning to our return trip home.  It’s seemed like a short summer, a month was spent in  Alaska, the Northwest and some pneumonia time.

Usually after our children visit, the fishing tapers off, at least in our search for Northern Pike and Musky.  Since we are staying in a camp/resort, the visitors begin thinning out, summer friends begin returning to work, days become shorter, cooler, etcetera, etcetera.

I tend to spend some morning time visiting with the resort owner at this bait shop/fish cleaning house. We discuss current events, fishing, and world problems. He employees some dock/grounds/labor assistance from high school/college age young men.  Often the young men arrive at the bait shop while a discussion is in  process.

Last night the last of the “dock boys” said his good bye as he prepared to return to his college in Missouri.  He thanked for his religion class!

I remember his entering the shop, one morning, while a discussion of world events and their root causes was in in progress.  He asked a couple of questions which quickly lead to my explaining some of the biblical connections; actually a lot of the biblical connections were expounded upon.  Remember, since my children have grown and left home there’s no left to explain things to, since my wife turns my words into blah, blah, blah language.

As I recall, “we” only had ONE discussion that included topics on religion.  He must have really been impressed!  I’m guessing my explanation must have really cleared up either some lack of knowledge or confusion he must have had.  Or as I think upon it more, I hope he didn’t conclude, I was another old man with radical opinions, nah, that couldn’t be it!


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One Response to Religion Class 101

  1. tom swartz says:

    Lord willing, a Christian student at his school will water the seed that you planted.

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