The Slippery Slope

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It is an enjoyable past-time, this blog, upon which I’ve been commenting.  I have the opportunity to share the past, what I expect in the future, and the stuff of today.  I have attempted to share things about everyday life, politics and some religion.

There is this mega-church in Chicago.  Well, I shouldn’t say Chicago, its, more in a northwestern suburb.  It started with door to door questions, by a Pastor/Minister of the Reformed Church denomination.  He was questioning what people were looking for in a church and developed into what it is today, a non-denominational mega church.

I visited this church one day, and was surprised, after hearing all of the hoopla for years, that half of the seats were empty.  The music, praise music as it were, so loud that you couldn’t tell if the person next to you was singing.  ( Ok that’s good for those of us that can’t carry a tune)  I like some of the “old” hymns, (old to my generation), I liked where Christian music went in the 80’s, but I’m having a little difficulty getting into today’s “groove” of Christian praise songs.

It is my understanding that a number of young pastor/minister/leader type people have attended leadership classes at this mega-church and have come away establishing their own almost mega-church.  A few years back I read an article from one of the spin-offs in Michigan, explaining his position on how to share Christianity in today’s world.  He explained that you have to know when to fight and when to run, which Hill Tops to hold on to and which Valleys to give up.  I wondered how that determination is made?  What is a valley to you, might just be my hill top!

What if a policeman could make the hill and valley determination. They could stand firm on running stop signs, but ignore speeding. I like that.

I abhor following politically correctness in my religious blogging, but I also try not to be so outwardly blunt as to turn you off.  I hope to make people really think about their position.  However, talking with friends that read this blog, I find that they tend to avoid religious topics.  They say that they just don’t know enough about religion, or their faith, or the bible or what they believe.  In fact they are waiting for someone to tell them what to believe.  And if it doesn’t encroach on their life style, they’ll accept it!

Think about it.  People don’t have religious hill tops. They only have valleys. They give up on everything, because they haven’t any knowledge and they assume the bible is irrelevant.  Peoples opinions are based upon feelings not understanding.

So where are we?  The boomers gave up the valleys of their faith.  Leaving the Gen X’s a lack of a dependable faith based knowledge, but an understanding that religion is a mystic haze of ambiguity, therefore they can give up the slopes.  All that’s left for the Millennial’s  (Gen Y’s) is the pinnacle.   Understand this, if you’ve given away the valley and then the slope, there’s nothing to support the pinnacle!  Everything dissolves away, into faithlessness.

Ahhh, it is a slippery slope the deceiver has let us keep.


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2 Responses to The Slippery Slope

  1. tom swartz says:

    Well said Terry. Actually, I was in that NW Chicago megachurch on Father’s day this summer with a friend:I believe it has 8000 seats and arriving late there were only 100 seats left in the upper most deck were we sat. I had read that the pastor made some adjustments 5 years ago and it seems to have restored some health. They have a state of the art garage at the church where they do car repairs and oil changes for free for single moms. I also walked through the warehouse-like food pantry.

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