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Long long ago, in an industrious society and a culture far removed from today, there was the creation of pictures that moved. There came to be an obsession in the land to see the pictures that moved. As the pictures moved, there was a separation between brightness and darkness that caused a sensation like blinking your eyes. Hence, the birth of the term flickers. People were drawn to the flickers.

Subject matter for the flickers usually centered on a power hungry leader of bad guys, trying to take something from a poor innocent citizen. The taking usually revolved around land or money, or authority. Considering where we are today, modern movies have changed little. The subject matter usually revolves around someone wanting or taking or manipulating an innocent for their own personal gain. It makes little difference if the movie location, is this country, or between countries, criminals or terrorists, on this planet or another world. The basic premise is always the same.

As society has progressed, people wanted to see flickers in the comfort of their own homes. Television was created. The problem was and is what kind of subject matter to present. Why not mimic the movies? Almost half of our television offerings include cop shows, investigative morgue shows, or exposé whitepaper documentaries that go on and on and on about the events surrounding real life murderers and their prosecution. Add to this impressive volume of entertainment the plethora of military type video gaming options.
Question: Is there any wonder that we have a national bullying problem?
Question: Are we hypocritical, to demand our children to not bully, when you demand bullying entertainment and you practice it in everyday life?

And extension of modern man’s problems in this country includes the magnitude of offenses against who we use to call the “weaker sex”. The abduction, the abuse, or mutilation of females in our society is a growing concern. (Ok, on some occasions there is the same abuse against males.) The problem covers at least two areas; first is our bullying issue, wanting to dominate someone, the second is sexual.
Again our modern flickers and television uses sexual situations, innuendoes, and outright border line pornography to elicit viewing audiences. Television uses comedy as its platform to launch sexual situations. Television has been and continues to be a prime mover in determining modern morals. Even in our commercials; How close to nudity can you get with the Victoria Secret underwear commercials?
Sit a person in front of the television, who has issues of low self-esteem, desiring the need to be in control, to manipulate another for their own personal desires and we’ve created a potential crisis.
Question: Is it any wonder that marginally stable people find a way to abuse others?
Question: In every crisis, we want to know, “Why did “he” do it?” “What pushed him over the edge?”
In our modern society, it’s never our fault, it’s always someone else’s’ fault, or responsibility, we’re innocent. You are wrong. It is your fault.  It is your responsibility, and you caused bullying to continue and to grow. You caused the abusers to act.
You failed to stand up. You let the morals of this country be lowered by the flickers.

There was a separation between brightness and darkness and they called it flickers.


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