Cooks Wanted

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My grandfather’s early marriage years were spent working for oil companies. His job was to watch over a number of oil pumps and make sure they continued running.  He was required to repair them if they stopped.  Somewhere after World War II, he lost his job, his wife and seemingly all things precious to his life.  He bummed around until moving to our area.  Needing work, he began as a cook or rather a cooks helper in a large truck stop restaurant.  Later he purchased, on contract, a diner.  It was a soda fountain, counter sitting hamburger joint.  The kind of place that served coffee in those heavy white cups with the two thinly painting green lines painted around the top.

We had driven thousands of miles on vacation this summer.   There have been a significant number of strange beds (motel type) that has held my body.  I cannot recall the number of different eating establishments that attempted to satisfy the palate.  We have returned home.  Every trip into town, we travel through this little country cross-roads of a ghost town with one gas station and a restaurant.   On the restaurant’s sign, now, was it was last spring, is the request; Cooks Wanted.

Anytime I view the Cooks Wanted request is on a restaurant sign, I tend to not visit the establishment. I have to wonder, if they need a cook, then who’s cooking?  Is the food overdone, or underdone?  There must not be enough cliental to keep a cook, cooking.

I passed by that sign again today, on the way to the big box grocery. At the check outs, I perused the shoppers’ carts.  I saw, pop (soda’s) beer, box mac&cheese, individual lasagna, individual cheese and cracker packets, canned soup, box cake with canned icing, etcetera, etcetera.

On the way home, I began thinking, with so many people needing work, why is it they don’t take that cook’s job? And then, I remembered the grocery store checkout.   No one cooks anymore!  No one knows how to cook anymore!



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