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In my  Flickers posting (#251), I talked about bullying.  Little did I realize that circumstances would result in a follow-up so soon.

In the late summer our national news was inundated with pro-athletes spousal abuse. Who knew and who didn’t know, when did they know and why criminal action was or was not taken.  CBS news was on the front lines,  questioning the NFL Commissioner and catching him in an apparent lie as to the extent of this knowledge and timeliness.  WAY TO GO CBS–STANDING UP FOR THE ABUSED AND PERSECUTED.

We (my wife and I) recently read an article previewing a new show offered by CBS this fall. (Pardon to my non-USA followers, who may not be aware of our American Television networks and offerings). Throughout late summer the networks had been touting their fall line of shows; those renewed for another season and those for first time presentation.

CBS’s newest offering, includes a show called STALKER.  The thrust the show is to terrify you with the events of a woman being stalked, chased and eventually set on fire in her car. (first episode)

Stalker is not CBS’s first run at terrifying violence, consider the long running Criminal Minds, where FBI profilers attempt to catch “perps” before they can commit additional atrocities against people.

Sometimes you just need to stand up for something. In this instance all the ground  CBS, gained in the NFL abuse scandal was lost with its program offerings.   CBS talks out of both side of their mouth. They claim to abhor abuse of women in this country, while profiting from television shows that promote abusing women, children and men.

So appalled and enraged was my wife that she took to Social Media to start a movement. SHE STOOD UP TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE.



On Facebook, recipes and pictures of deserts can circle the globe, twice in 3 days, but her alert of this atrocity couldn’t make it out of the Midwest in week. Within minutes, numbers of people liked the comment, but only THREE would stand up and pass it on!

Is it any wonder this country has no morals, no conscience, no ethics.

We say that we don’t like bullying nor abuse, but we don’t STAND UP. We are Falling Down, further and further.

Don’t expect the attitudes of this county to change while you sit and “poke likes” while passing on the latest quick cinnamon roll recipe.  Mothers not standing up should be ashamed for not protecting their children.  Fathers not standing up should be ashamed for setting up their daughters for abuse, neglect and bullying.  CBS should be ashamed for promoting a subject that will be planted in the demented minds of the public, so that one day your news will asked, “I wonder what drove him to do that?”


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