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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that you wish you hadn’t started?  While discussing world events with someone I believed to be in my same thought disposition; I stated something along the lines of, “Well I guess God will sort this all out”.  I quickly learned that this fellow didn’t believe in God.  “Why should I believe, when my upon learning of her cancer, my mother  joined a strict Christian church, it didn’t do her any good.  She died soon there after. Why would a loving God take her from her nine-year old daughter?  I’d rather believe in Karma.”

I was taken aback.  I fumbled this one.  It quickly flashed across my mind that didn’t really know this person at all. How should I attack this? Should I attack it?  What did he practice or not practice?

I weighed the moment, and considered the future. I ran away, mentally.  I almost jumped on it, but noted the pain in his eyes when he mentioned the loss of his mother.  Well, I thought, this IS someone I will see on a regular basis.  I will slowly work around the topic in the days to come.

The days to come became few. I do see him every year, but he tends to be surrounded with his beer drinking buddies. I don’t drink beer. No, I’m not against it, it and I, just aren’t compatible.  So I watch from afar.

I have been watching and  I do get to have short, curt, general one liner comments.  I don’t see him practicing any of the Tibetan, Zen nor any other type of Buddhism activities.  Maybe he just liked the term, Karma.  Or maybe he has placed his hope in Nirvana.

I’m still looking for the chance to discuss this. The chance to open the door and help him turn right, into heaven, not left, into infinite separation.

I recall the story of the evangelist Moody, preaching in Chicago for a week.  Bringing his listeners right up to a fever pitch, he released them to have them return the next evening to learn how to be saved.  That night the Chicago wiped out most of the town and hundreds of people.  He never got the chance to give them the final message.

An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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