It’s WAR

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I watch the news every morning.  Sometimes for me, morning begins around 3AM, other days it’s merely 5AM.  I also tend to watch the evening, national news.  My kids don’t watch the news, they prefer to not expose their children to all of the mayhem.  Would that I wish I could so remove myself from those pictures.

I tend to immerse myself in the wonderment of why someone so dearly wants to be my enemy.  It is a marvel to me that anyone could hold a grudge for 500, 1000, 2000, or 10,000 years.  I have difficulty understanding that one’s religion can only be advanced by exterminating anyone not accepting it.

I must admit, I have felt fairly secure here in the middle Midwest, noting that those wanting to be my enemy are busy elsewhere.  I do shudder, thinking about how easily they can recruit people to preform terroristic actions for their cause. I am beginning realize that their recruitment abilities may be more far-reaching that I had anticipated.  I am beginning to believe that their recruitment has extended to rodents.

For the past two years I have been terrorized.  Truth be known, I have been terrorized ever since moving into this house.  Not long after moving here, my neighbors began taking my newspapers, then my mail.  Sometimes my mail was strewn about the ground, other times just missing.  I live far enough from the road that I am unable to view my mailbox. Hence identification of these tormentors is impossible.   So to bring me piece,  I merely changed my mailing address from RFD to BOX, and drive to town every day or so to receive my mail.

Now, I have this other problem,  Rodents.   Living in the middle Midwest, we occasionally receive winter weather that leaves a coating of ice upon our steps.  Like anyone else, we rectify our situation with either rock salt or ice melt.   Two years ago, we noticed a waves of rodents (squirrels) , similar to an onslaught enemy soldiers, advancing upon our porch.  As we open the door they retreat.  Then back they come.  I found that they have been gnawing on the wood porch flooring.  I surmised they were attempting to obtain left over salt, residing on the nail heads.  It seemed an adequate remedy would be to buy a block of salt and sit it upon a stump, which I did.

There must still be a recruitment push, for since the salt block purchase, I am still being  terrorized.  One or more of those little buggers has decided to again rush the house, and gnaw at the base of one of my pillars!  The pillar has not been salted, in fact it was recently refurbished.  I can only surmised that I have been selected to be the recipient of the squirrel’s terroristic plot.

Ok, so be it!!!  This means war.  I shall be obtaining some weapons of limited destruction and the next bugger I find running from my porch will find he has limited sanctuary in my woods!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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3 Responses to It’s WAR

  1. #3 says:

    I watch the evening news- if I’m home in time. Also, not quite “news” anymore but Maya recognizes CNN. #inaccuracy #firstcomment

  2. bev says:

    good one…
    My mom will no longer eat my cooking since Alex & Tim have squirrel in the freezer…

  3. Vollmer, Nancy E. says:

    Hi! Enjoyed your “Life and Times”. Any chance you could put caynine pepper on your wood/deck…rub it in? Just a thought. Nancy Vollmer

    P.S. We sure do miss you and your wife and the wonderful FAMILY at CRC!

    Happy New Year!



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