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I was recalling the other day the beginnings of the Dollar Menu at your favorite fast food establishment.   We welcomed it with open arms, much as we are doing with the recent falling gasoline prices.

I’ve spent many a time ignoring the pictured advertisements on the wall in favor of the smaller print Dollar Menu. I’d like to say that the Dollar Menu single-handedly assisted in my early retirement.  Although that wouldn’t be true, since I rarely ate there except on long drives.

What I first noticed about the Dollar Menu, was, like most things I get attached to, it soon changed.  It wasn’t long before most choices were no longer a dollar.  In fact the name was changed to the Value Menu.  Yeah, value, just another way of saying alacart.  Well it worked on me, I got suckered into the savings, rather than the choice.  I guess I also got tired of being asked it I wanted to SUPER SIZE IT, since my body had already supersized.  I’ve visited the Value Menu for years…and then I decided to rebel.  I had remembered the taste and tang of an old favorite and wondered where it had gone.  It was a selection that seems to me to have been designed to combat the Whopper.  Last fall I became reacquired with the items listed as #1 on the big board, the Big Mac.  Ahhhh, that good old taste.  Ok, like I said, I don’t visit regularly, BUT that’s my choice, IF I’m not trying to eat, while my hands wrapped around the steering wheel.

This week the shock set in.  The Big Mac is being discontinued, as of February!  Man o’man, just when I had found my lost friend.  It seems that the current generation never fell in love with the Big Mac, so sales have slipped, and now with the calorie police watching your intake, it seems that this item AND the APPLE PIE are being retired.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to make a purchase before February.  My wife does not desire to partake of the offerings at this eatery.  (that’s the dietician in her!)  So, the wife has contracted the flu…has something to do with holding sick grandchildren…I found myself stuck with an FYO, (fix you own) supper.   I hopped in the truck and high-tailed it to a little town near me to make the purchase..

So what if I two days worth of calories are in this one sandwich, soon it will be just be a memory.  Seems like, as I age, almost everything I learned to enjoy as a child is being removed from my menu.  Oh, well, wait a month, some study will show that people who eat Big Mack’s are 0.5% less prone to liver cancer or something like that. Then it’ll come back!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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