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Post # 266  We interrupt this Blog for an important message!

I know you have been waiting for this.  Those of you that have followed me for a while, know that it’s time for my annual gripe with Verizon.  Surely some of you have been awaiting this spiel.

Some of you are lucky enough NOT to have limits on internet, data usage.  You just happily go along watching your Netflix or streaming music or television programs, oblivious to the restricted-usage-population, like me.

I, as I have said EVERY year at this time, can ONLY get a VERIZON type internet connection.  I get to pay $50 for 5 Gb of data, spread over 30 days. On my 15th day, I received a text that I was at 75% usage.  Today, (on my 16th day) I chose to upload some pics to Shutter Fly.  I received two more text alerts from Verizon.  I not only had I used 100% of my 5 Gb, I was racing toward and beyond my next 1 Gb. By the way each Gb over my allotment is an additional $10.  A long with my text alert, I get this “terse” comment from Verizon, “Go to our Web Site and increase you usage plan, you are over you plan limit.”

Two things really gripe me about this Verizon request.  First, in the summer, I am somewhere, where I NEVER use my 5 Gb allotment , in fact I use 0 Gb.  Do I get a text saying “you’re NOT using enough data, go to our Web site and reduce you plan”, NEVER.

Second, Verizon has stated that they penalize “HEAVY” users, anyone using over 5Gb gets reduced speed.

So, why should I increase my Verizon contract, for data speeds that will slow down above 5Gb and NEVER receive a credit for NON usage, 3 months out of every year?

Beats me, I don’t understand their logic either.  They’re just money grubbers.

Ok, I’ve had my annual rant, AND I’ve got 11 more days before my plan rolls back to START…so I guess this typing just cost me another 10 bucks.  Sigh………..

PS. After this blog, we’ll return to normalcy in my blogging topics. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.  Wondering what normalcy means in my topics?


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