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Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

There was a push, funded by the United States Government to look for intelligence (space men) from other plants.  The governmental funding ceased in 1955, or so we are told. Since that time funding has been sought from non-governmental sources.

I first of heard of S.E.T.I while watching television episodes of The X-Files.  My son and I watched this show and compared understandings.  Great speculation. Ok, ok it was just a sci-fi program, that included tons of conspiracy  theories.  But from that show I learned that there really was or should I say is a S.E.T.I organization.

It’s hard to pinpoint SETI’s source of support.  In the 1960’s the Russian’s had an interest in SETI. Harvard has run some projects for SETI, but the consistent partner seems to be UC Berkley.  Time is also acquired from various telescopes, looking for positive information or anomalies in space. Often Radio Telescopes are used searching for extra terrestrial sounds. So this brings to mind some questions.

First Question: Do you believe in Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (Life Out There)?

Second Question: Should we be looking for Life Out there?

For those of you who believe, you must expect something will be discovered, which I must admit, really, really, really, really frightens me.  My fear results from expectation.  I know one of two definite outcomes will result, if Life Out There is found.

First if we find life  and we are identified to be more advanced, we WILL dominate it.  Take it’s resources, subdivide it’s holdings and divide up the spoils.  It’s our Devine right.  Look and what we did to the American Indian.  Remember your European history, ancient and modern, the stronger always took over the weaker, wealth, land and people were dominated.  We are takers.

Secondly, it can work in reverse.  Hoping we can learn from the greater intelligence of aliens, we will soon be discovered to be weak and useless, whose worth is only as good as the amount of slavery services that we can be used for, if at all.  Just like the Europeans did to the Africans, or the Germans did to the Jews, or Vikings did to the Franks, or fill in the blank to any part of history.  We will lose what we have to a dominate stronger force.

All of this really makes me wonder why?  Why do we need to look?  We should be isolationist in the universe.  What we really need to do is expend the same effort and resources to many needful things here on earth.  The hunger, uprisings, kidnappings, the mentally unstable, the terrorism, the lack of water,  the health or our world, just to name a few.

Yes, we need to be searching, searching our own world for people who need the basics, like freedom from fear and despair.



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