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How’s your level of understanding?  Do you comprehend as quickly or as easily as you did in your youthful days?  I met retirement with the desire to not become stale. My 30+ years prior to that time was spent keeping up with the changes in my field.  In that time my children had heard every family tale enough that they could have recited them.  In fact, in the middle or my re-relating a story, they often would start a different conversation between  themselves.

So, in my retirement, I decide to not become the “old man” whose mind returned, wandering aimlessly through past experiences.

I try get my mind around a lot of different things, basic understandings are sufficient, obviously I wouldn’t want to start a new career, I’m having too much fun at what I do now, being retired.

There is one topic, though, that I just can’t get my mind around, I get lost in the direction it has taken.  The topic is Astrophysics.  From my childhood, I began to understand the solar system; I understood the galaxy; and I understood the universe (except for Pluto which seems to be “up in the air”) sort of, more on that later. I even understand black holes, although that seems to be miss-named, how can you have a hole when something IS filling that space?

Somewhere, it seems to me that someone’s mind began taking a left turn when we suppositioned that there was a thing called DARK MATTER in the universe. Dark matter is invisible.  Then of course if there is dark matter, there must also be DARK ENERGY.  It wasn’t long ago that Astrophysicists theorists convinced us that there was a Big Bang, and later they said that the energy from the bang would soon expire and everything would come rushing back to its origin and implode. Now calculations and observations indicate the “stuff” is not slowing down but speeding up, and moving outward.  The only way to explain that is with invisible forces (hence Dark Energy)! I pity Captain Kirk and the Enterprise flying through that!

Not long after this invisible Dark Stuff thought, came the String theory.  The String theory results from a combining of Astrophysics and the study of Quantum Physics. This is a theory where everything in the universe is connected by invisible strings that act and interact with each other, and which measurement is 10 to the -23 in length.   To understand how this works, requires the understanding of Supersymmetry.  Supersymmetry is a mathematical concept that was sucked into the String Theory to resolve certain string formulas that had previously failed.  Supersymmetry expects to compute the observation of certain events yet to be observed.   The reason nothing has been observed is because it needs more dimensions that the 3 that we currently understand.   So we must accept and understand that Supersymmetry and string theory observations are invisible, because they take place in an invisible dimension beyond our understanding.

So, with all this in my mind I read an article in National Geographic about the big bang.  Again we are told that apparently “in a vacuum” devoid of anything, something as small as an atom exploded and we get all this stuff floating around, that we today call planets. Now this causes me to have many questions.

1.  How did something as small as an atom explode and cause this vast number of planets?

2.  Ok, suppose you said that the explosion caused all this tangible, visible material stuff, which was floating out there,  to “come together” and form the planets.  So,where’d all that floating “stuff” come from originally?

3.  Now you tell me that invisible matter and invisible energy are causing the galaxies to race farther and farther apart”out there” going to somewhere.  So, just how big is this universe and more importantly, where is the border to which we are racing?

4.  So, if these forces, matter and dimensions are invisible to us, are we invisible to it?

5. Today, you want me to accept that there are invisible forces, surrounding invisible matter connected by invisible strings and all this is “resting” in invisible dimensions. So, Mr. Scientist, tell me again why you can’t believe in an invisible God?

Life was so much easier when the world was flat.


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