Political Prophecy

“Post #269

“Did you watch the State of the Union address last night?”  I was asked.  “No, I didn’t” , I responded.  “Why not, don’t you like the President?”

That’s what I was asked during one of President Bush’s addresses.  I’ve been watching, (loosely calling it watching) bits and pieces of State of the Union Addresses since 1964.  There are certain common themes that after, all these years, leave me with a sour taste in my mouth.

The President always sees the world that he’s affected, better than it really is.  The President always sees a need to push social improvements which never materialize, and the President always promises cooperation with congress which always fails.  I have heard that the most recent State of the Union address touted working with (the opposing parties are in power) congress as long as they give him what he wants.  I heard that the social agenda will be funded by taxing the wealthy people, but nobody ever defines who are the wealthy. You’re more wealthy then me and I’m more wealthy than the guy on the street.  Wealthy is relative.  Then I heard that most of the foreign policy achievements touted were inaccurate.  Sounds about like every State of the Union address I have diligently listened to. Where did I get my information, from the sound bites of ABC, NBC, CBS.  That’s the same place where we get our sound bites that we use to elect our politicos.

I took a entire college semester in Political Science, which turned out to be just another course in Sociology.  But, with that 40 year old knowledge under my belt, here are my observations.

The more radical members of the Republican Congress will push through measures that the President will Veto.

After the Veto, the Congress won’t have enough votes to over ride the Veto.

The President will continue with his monarchical agenda by make laws by Executive Order.

The Congress and the President will not work together, and the country will continue in a stalemate where the really rich get richer and the really poor get nothing.

About ten more Republicans will begin the run for the Presidency than needed.  Many will have made this attempt before.

The Country will be so ticked that in two years the Republican congress will again get blamed, that a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President will again be elected.

Without action, our country will continue building debt to the level of a 3015 payoff!


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