Fluid Drive

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I was disappointed.  I had gotten up this morning to the expectation of seven inches of snow.  Again the forecasters had missed it.  Too many computer models at hand, all wrong, again, dang technology.  I must admit, though, that the four inches of light and fluffy was beautiful.

My wife mentioned the beauty of the snow clinging to the trees.  Alas, the sign hanging in the basement, for naught, “Pray for Snow!”.  We sat on the couch, drinking our more coffee, talking about a similar snow 45 years before.  We had been married only a short while, and in that time my wife was attempting to learn my moods and quirks.

We had decided, 45 years ago,  that our events necessitated the “need” or was it a want, for a second vehicle. Our budget, actually we didn’t have enough to qualify for a budget, determined we should be a one vehicle family. I looked and looked until I found this jewel of a Dodge, $75 bucks!  I looked it over in the dark, gave the lady the cash and drove off, spit’n and sputter’n down the road, wife following.  No, I didn’t first test drive it. It wouldn’t travel faster than 25 mph.  Later, we determined the flathead six had a warped  head.  We sent the head out for milling, put it back together and we had a running car.  We added recapped snow tires. Oh, yes, it was a 3-speed on the column, clutch AND Chrysler’s Fluid Drive.  I mention this only since my wife didn’t care for a stick shift, and this car could be driven like an automatic!

Back to the coffee and couch.  We were sitting, and our discussion, turned to 45 years ago.  The snow began late one evening and by 9 pm we were looking at 5-6 inches on the ground and NEW RECAPPED snow tires on the Dodge!  We lived in town, my parents lived in the country, somewhere north on up and down roads.  We called, they were up, out we drove.  It was slow going, being the first car on the highway.  Sane people were home watching I Love Lucy.

We made it there in time to turn around and drive back after a cup of coffee.  Silly kids, just driving in the snow.

I never liked fluid drive.  I preferred the feel of a clutch and shifter.

There isn’t really a point to this story, just the remembrance of beautiful snow, early marriage years and a drive in the country.


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One Response to Fluid Drive

  1. I think weather people are the only ones that can get their job wrong over 50% of the time and still keep it. Lol

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