Blind Sided

Post #277

Have you ever become leery about being a first timer at a business meeting?  I usually do.  You are unfamiliar with the area, location, people, routines, etc, etc.

I’m currently a short-timer on a small church board.  We all know what short timer means, right?  Not many months left in this tour. Our church is currently in pastoral-flux, we are searching for  a permanent leader. We currently have a temporary leader.  A group of churches meets on a regular basis to conduct regular business regularly, addressing regular issues coming forward to all regular church denominations.  Our temporary leader thought it would be good if our small church board would send a couple of board members to the regular business meeting.

It turned out that this particular meeting had a lot of emphasis on the election of a Board President, two (2) Vice Presidents, a Clerk and an Executive Board member or two.  Since I and my fellow small-church board member were first timers, we didn’t know anyone being nominated, nor, luckily did anyone know us. We got away unscathed.

But, as this election process was proceeding, my mind reflected back to another evening, in 1991.  I had been transferred to Indiana via a job change.  My family and I were attempting to fit in, in the close-nit, small Indiana town, that rarely accepted anyone not born within the confines of the local county hospital.   Looking to become accepted into the community, I had joined a local hobby club and was in my second year of membership.  It was election night and I had been approached previously to run for the office of 2nd Vice President.  The organization was constructed to generate leadership through executive chairs.  Election to 2nd Vice President for a year, the next year to roll into 1st Vice President finally to President with two years experience behind you.  The election was unanimous, I became 2nd Vice President and took my place up front.  Then the room got quite, the President announced that the 1st Vice President was not there and resigning do to a transfer out of state, and do to blah, blah, blah, he, the President was resigning, and he stepped away from the table. I was blind sided into the Presidency.  I also became the club photographer, public relations chairman and all round gopher.

Back to reality, at the church business meeting, I kept recalling how innocent the new kid-on-the-block is. I kept my head and my hand down, incognito, no one knew me,that night, and luckily they don’t know me this morning….


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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