Self Rising Asphalt

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Some years ago I watched, close at hand the construction of an asphalt highway in front of my house.  The old road was torn out, new gravel base was laid, rolled, watered and rolled again to achieve proper smoothness.  Then a layer of asphalt was laid, cooled, then a second three inch layer of asphalt was applied and rolled to a compressed state of about two inches.  A smooth new road laid before me.  (Well it was smooth until the utility came through and punch holes every 10 feet looking for man hole cover, water value covers etc)

I was traversing my state the other day a came upon miles of interstate that had be been patched.  I’m certain you’ve seen such repair, where rectangle strips of highway have been removed every 20, 30, 100 feet down the road.  The concrete or asphalt has been removed and a new asphalt patch has been installed.  Usually, it’s not noticeable unless the materials are different, causing your tires to sing to you, zip, zip, zip.

Well, I was traversing my state the other day, and I noticed that the interstate had been patched.  No it wasn’t the singing of the tires, it was the bumpity, bumpity, bump of the car being jolted every 20, 30 or 100 feet.

If you remember, we traveled to the west coast last spring, to catch a boat to BC, then the Yukon followed by Alaska.  We drove out west, and must have traveled in 10 states in 21 days.  Every state had some sort of road repair, somewhere.  Where do you think the most bumpity, bumpity, bumpy highway is? It’s in my state!

Upon reflection of the highway project in front of my house, I believe my state must use a different asphalt, it must be self rising variety.  Surely after they poured the asphalt into the hole and roll it out level on the interstate roadway, it must risen to a greater height, thereby causing my bumpity, bumpity, bump.

What I can’t understand is; “Why can every other state create a smooth patch?”


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