The things we don’t talk about

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I’ve been noting that social media is prepping up for the “election season”.  A number of people are already taking “pot shots” at potential political candidates for there conservative or liberal stance.

Illegal aliens.  We hear sound bites, left and right, but do really sit down and talk about it?  It doesn’t seem like we talk.  There are those that believe everyone should be given citizenship.  Others believe you should ship’em all back.

What really needs understanding is that we have an old, out dated, broken immigration system, bogged down with self-serving rules.  There are persons, that have been awaiting for the authorized legal permission to enter the country for citizenship for years.  In these days of religious terrorism we do have need for concern.  We cherish our citizenship but are lackadaisical about our voting responsibility.  We now tend to vote for those that promise us governmental riches, but ignore the need of genuine leadership.

We that are legally here only see illegal aliens as moochers in our economic system.   What we really have is a group of underprivileged, despondent, oppressed  people in their own county, that have found a level of success in this country.

US Department of Commerce says that 4.1% of Americans are on Welfare

Health and Human Service Agency as of 2011 says 23.1% are on welfare

CNSnews (Cyber News) says that as of July 2014 35.4% are on welfare

Some of the federal benefit recipients are full time workers, who don’t make a livable wage.  I think what upsets people the most is the misconception that we are going to legalize eight million more welfare recipients.  Truthfully, these aliens are diligent workers.  So why don’t we sit down and find a way to fix our immigration system.

Ok, ok, there is ONE bias that I do have.  I would like to trade 8 million productive aliens for 8 million forever-in-the-welfare-system, will never work, you-owe-me citizens.




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