Crown of Baldness

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I did my monthly barber trip today.  I’ve let the same barber(ette) cut my hair for 46 years.  (I also take my barberette everywhere I go, just in case I need a trim!)

Once the business was completed, we looked at the modicum of residual lying upon the floor.  A far cry from what was there 46 years ago.   I come from a family of thick dark haired people.  I’m certain I must have said this before; although I was born with lots of black hair, I inherited the maternal DNA that precipitated an early change of color.  I, like my mother, began noting a grayness in our early 20’s, my grandmother however, was totally white at 16.

Aside from the coloration, I am beginning to think I’ve been blessed with a double whammy.  It appears that I have also inherited my paternal side for developing thinness, and I don’t mean around the waste!  Both my father and grandfather had thinning aged hair. I’ve been seeing more and more scalp, skin, and flesh in the mirror on the upper most of my head in recent days.  I do keep my hair longer, it aids in the comb-over effect.

As my barberette and I gazed upon the piddley amount of hair upon the floor, I noted that most of her effort had been focused on that area slightly above my ears, but below the crown of my head.  I’ve heard the old saying, “if you go bald from the front then you’re a thinker, if from the back you’re a lover”.  But I have to wonder, why to do some men go bald upon the crown of their head but retain a three inch patch of relatively thick hair above the ears?  What is it that’s lacking in our system that can’t reach the top of heads and only makes to ear level?

I’m at a loss for an answer.  It would seem that in this day and age, when so much information is known, that no one has figured out this issue.

My barberette used to enjoy my having graying hair while she colored hers!  She wouldn’t let me “touch up” mine.  I think she like the thought of standing beside an “older” (mature?) gentleman.  Wonder what she thinks about standing beside a crown of baldness?  Uhmmm, maybe now I see why she’s always standing on the other side of the room at parties today.


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One Response to Crown of Baldness

  1. Dave and Tammie Olson says:

    LOL Good read!36 more business daysWe will go open Sat am and get the boat brought over too.We are spending the night. Excited to see the progress of S & S new home too.

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