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It’s that time of season again.  The political season that is, when almost every topic is open season.  Certainly one topic will again be capital punishment.  Some people point to facts that say Life without parole is cheaper than a death sentence, yet others contribute facts just the opposite.  I guess the statement that figures lie and liars figure holds true. The most factual data is that the liberal left and liberal press have a compassion for life that abhors the use of death penalty.  They target the conservative Christian right as the proponents of death.  The left claims the right is stuck in the old world “eye for an eye” theology.  They, the left, are the progressive thinkers.  The incarcerated, although restricted, get clothing, housing, food, health care including organ replacements, exercise, entertainment, library and college courses, all paid for by you and me.  In fact the incarcerated get better treatment than the un-incarcerated poor of this country. The quick-witted incarcerated even promote a business, computerized scams of obtaining tax refunds on fictitious people. It doesn’t cost them anything, but you and I pay a lot.

So, I can understand the liberal left’s concerns, and their detest of the death penalty, after all, let us NOT be responsible for taking a life, even if the guilty took one or more.   Yet how can the liberal left stand up and promote abortion?  The taking of an innocent life, in the name of bodily choices?  It seems two faced to me.  Let the guilty live, and the innocent die.

But that’s not what I came to talk about today.

I came to talk about one of my paranoia’s.  The main Democratic Presidential candidate for 2016 made a statement that should shake the roots of everyone including all religious entities.  In an address to the 2015 Women in the World Summit in April, Ms. Clinton stated that deep-seeded cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed………”  She was referring to this countries continued discussion surrounding abortion, and the right for a woman to decide the fate of an unborn child.  The subject was abortion, BUT the object was control.  There is a mandate amongst the left to undermine you freedoms by quietly taking control of how you think.

Ok, this discussion may not really be about my paranoia, as much as it is about identifying a symptom of a problem. The message of the bible is not new, it is consistent, it defines when life should be sustained or terminated.  There are those that accept its message and belief in its central core. Those outside the faith, believe it’s better to change the message rather than change their thinking to conform to the bible.  The liberal left prefers to shape the beliefs of thousands of years, to fit their own ideology.  The liberal left wants you to believe as they do, but their truth is a moving target.   Why does the liberal left and press so hate Religious Freedom Acts?  Because RFA’s allowed believers to hold on to their beliefs without intervention by governments.  Now, as RFA’s fall, the liberal left can direct believers on how to think and act.  If don’t follow the left “norm” you will face national persecution at the hands of their agents, the press. Think it can’t happen?  Did you see Indiana’s RFA on the news this spring?

Do I have a paranoia?  You betch’ya, it’s one more whack at your first amendment rights. “They” have been limiting your rights for years.  No?  Well before you respond you’d better be “Politically Correct”.  The free ride is over.  All of those past lives spent to establish and maintain your freedoms guaranteed under the constitution are being brushed aside.

Yep, it’s the beginning of another political season.


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