The Cake

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Warning-I am most assuredly about to offend some people I love and others that I like.

I am about to embark upon another birthday event.  It will be a small affair since I tend to summer ten hours from the nearest family members.  The cycle of life causes many changes to those of us growing older.  With family spread all over the country, family gatherings, of those remembered, are few and far between.  My wife, the other member of event, asked what I would like to have for my birthday, cake or pie.  I prefer cake!  But there is only the two of us, our closest friends have visiting family members and other near friends have returned to the home state, so there you have it, just the two of us.  Two of us don’t need to have a cake sitting around, we’d either eat too much of it, or it would spoil. So, I chose a pie……

It is true, the older you get the more you tend to reminisce, out loud or sometimes to yourself of the “good old days”.  I remember the good old birthday days!  Here we go….  While I love cake, I don’t really jump up and down for a box cake mix.  Ok, Ok, I do the politically correct thing and complement the box cake baker.  But, Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines has tricked us into thinking that quicker and lighter is better.  I prefer a scratch cake, without the extra preservatives, a cake with substance.

I have a favorite cake, it’s a three layer, chocolate cake, named the Midnight Chocolate Cake, topped with fluffy egg white icing. UMMMMMM!!  And, if there aren’t too many partakers close at hand, in a couple of days the cake begins sucking the moisture from the icing, making it even  more moist!!!!!!  However this cake is touchy to make.  Humidity and elevation affect the end result.  When my children were young I tricked them all into asking for MY favorite cake for their February, May and June birthdays.  I got that heavenly delight three or four times a year!  Once they were old enough to realize cakes came in other flavors the “worm turned”.  Be that as it may, I still got the cake once a year, on my day!  Like I said though, this cake is touchy to make, humidity, and elevation make success a challenge.  The challenge being so great, and the cake having more than sufficient quantity for the two of us that my choice hasn’t been seen in a couple of years, or was it been three or four or five?

If you remember, I said that it would only be the two of us this year and getting much much older, we don’t really need a cake tempting us, so I’ve selected a pie.  Oh, yes, I must say, that my wife makes some of the best pie crust that I’ve eaten.  Her grandmother taught her to make crust.  Alas, humidity also causes a problem with successful crust here.  So, this year we’re pulling a store bought, frozen pie out for the event.

I think I had better be happy with what I’ve got, looking in the mirror, I can see that soon my birthday treat may be cut back to yogurt!

Wait!!!  As I read this, I am wondering, it seems “my baker/wife” is the one telling me EVERYTHING is too hard to make in  this humidity…..  I wonder????


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One Response to The Cake

  1. Josh says:

    let him eat cake!

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