The Reunion

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I have done some minor  travel now and then.  I think of minor travel as traversing aroundthe country in two days or less.  I remember one trip that required a stay over in Wisconsin.  It was an interesting stop.  There were a number of drink toting boisterous older people with name tags, they looked and acted a little silly.  I’m not so uppity as to belittle drink toting people, nor is boisterous on my black list, much.  I noted the name tags listing the Class of XXXX.  I quickly determined is was a 5o year reunion, which accounted for the friendly fraternizing familiarity that existed between everyone.  I inwardly smiled at some of the things these old people did.  Made me glad that I was young.

I got the email this spring about our class having a reunion. I had attended the 25th and the 3oth.  This  is our 50th and my mind returns to that night in Wisconsin. My graduating class was, gee, I  can’t really remember, was it 43, 45 or 47 students.  I do remember that I put a real push on for grades the last year or so and worked myself up to Valedictorian, of the BOTTOM HALF of our class.  Yep, I was in the middle!

I took my wife to the 25th and the 30th reunions even though she was not in my class nor even in our school.  Large parties are always safer with two, watching out for each other.  I recall the actions, attitudes and antics of my classmates as having not changed in the 30 years since the graduation. Nope, a tiger doesn’t change its stripes.

So this is the year of our 50th reunion, to be held this summer.  What should I do?  I’m an all summer vacationer in the land of 10,000 lakes, over 800 miles from home.  I have said before that I moved back home some years ago. I have crossed paths here and there after returning home,with classmates who seem less than enthusiastic to talk or interact with me. There have been one or two who were friendly, but no one else.  I’ve attended viewings or funerals of classmates relatives and barely gotten a nod of recognition.  When my father passed, I believe only two of my classmates attended.

We have family and friends scheduled to pass through our vacation place this summer, and I think I’ll just stay right here and enjoy being with the people who truly like me.  After all, I remember those old people acting up in Wisconsin.  All that levity might’nt be good for the ole ticker……


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