The Upgrade

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Just a quick thought.  We were living just outside of Minneapolis.  My parents were doing the retirement thing, summer in Minnesota, wintering in Florida, occasionally flying up to see us for a holiday.

There was a direct flight (back in the days when direct flights were common) from Ft Myers to Minneapolis on Northwest Airlines.  My parents boarded the plane and awaited its departure. Before take off, a couple of stewardesses huddled up front with a clip board.  They glanced at the clip board then glance to the back of the plane.   Finally, one of the stewardesses approached my parents and asked if they were related to Ben.  My father responded, yes.  The stewardess asked my parents to follow her, that they had other arrangements.  My parents were then seated in first class!

My father, not pushing the situation, quietly took the upgrade in grace and never questioned the change.

The stewardess must have thought my parents were related to Ben, the President of Northwest Airlines, who had the same last name.  Little did anyone know that Ben was our eight year old grandson!


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  1. says:

    That was the best flight we ever had!  

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