Bill and Ellie

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We have this summer place, a mobile home (or for the Floridians, a unit) on a lot leased from a Minnesota resort. We are a small group of 10 “units” arranged in a horseshoe array. In 1990, we moved our “unit” onto one of the last spots.  It turned out to be the sunniest, hottest location of the 10 spots.  The afternoon sun would just  bake the side of our “unit” and all of us inside.  As we would sit at the breakfast table we could look to our right and see unit #2.

Bill and Ellie of unit #2 would be sitting at their kitchen table, which sat at the front end of their unit and they were able to view the entire camp/court/lane “kingdom”.  Bill and Ellie could look directly into our kitchen dinning room or onto the lake.  One day Mrs. Resort Owner ventured out for a boat ride and saw TRAILERS from the lake, she quickly planted three pine trees in that line of sight.  The trees grew bigger and bigger.

Time pasted, vacation upon vacation, I watched Bill and Ellie in their “unit”, on the largest of the lots, with a built-on addition for sleeping 4 extra people, AND on the second most shady lot in camp!  Envy was welling up in me.

One spring Bill and Ellie arrived from their Colorado home. An ambulance came in the middle of the night.  Bill had had a heart attack and died that night.  Time past, and as circumstances unfolded, we purchased Bill and Ellie’s unit.

Today, the three pine trees blocking the lake from view fell victim to harbor repairs and were removed.  We now can sit at our table, watching people coming and going, boats arriving and fish being unloaded into the fish  cleaning house.  We can survey the kingdom.  Being the longest “resident” unit owner, I have been labeled the Mayor of the trailer camp!  We can even sit here with binoculars and watch people fishing across the lake.

We have become Bill and Ellie!!!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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3 Responses to Bill and Ellie

  1. says:

    You can legally say you are Bill, but I don’t know about your wife! She does not look like an Ellie!

  2. Josh says:

    I was going to say…your name IS Willam.

  3. Josh says:

    PS- I’d be wary of being Mayor. People might start asking for things like paved roads, etc.

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