The biggest news coast to coast concerns Cecil.  The story is the talk of local Minneapolis news, Morning and Evening National news, and even late night talk hosts.

Cecil, a favorite (pet) lion in a Zimbabwe reserve, lured off his reserve in a cash-for-hire hunt, shot by bow and arrow by Minneapolis dentist.  Wounded for 40 hours before being “offt’d” by a bullet.

This country is aghast, at the cruelty of the hunt. Protesters line the sidewalk in front of the dentists office.  Some patients have been directed to find other dentists, while other says they’ll never seek his service again.  Zimbabwe wants the hunter to be extradited.  Over a hundred thousand petitioners have asked President Obama to intercede on Cecil’s behalf.

Isn’t it interesting that the people of this country will stand up for the killing of a lion half a world away.

But, the same people not only condone the assassination of thousands of babies each year, but they also support the right to do it.  It’s called abortion.


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One Response to Cecil

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    Right on brother. Thanks for the post!

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