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There’s this word that’s been floating around in my head, Disrespected.  It’s a relatively newer word to my memory.  I vaguely recall from my school days that you either had respect, gave respect or didn’t respect something.

It seems that I first heard this word used in conjunction with the personal pronoun, ME.  I believe it was some television police type show that was interviewing a suspect (perp), whose defense was that the victim “disrespect me, an no one disrespect me and gets away with it!”.  Now I wasn’t certain at the time, if the television program gave a true depiction of the “perps” language skills or if it was an exaggeration.  I tended to believe the depiction of a gang type person, who had avoided or evaded the educational system, was in fact accurate.  (See how television shapes your mind?)

What caught my attention was not the inability of the portrayed person to apply the lack of the proper tense in his sentence construction, but more importantly, the inability to apply rules of respect to others.  In those days I attributed this attitude to those in the television program living in large inner city situations.

As I think back, I first began to recognize this problem in the 1960’s.  I watched individuals in school break a known rule, and receive a just punishment. Later a parent would intercede and rescue their “little angel”, because either the punishment was too severe or their “angel” (having lied) said it was someone else that created the problem. (It’s seemly always someone else’s fault) As generation creates generation, voluntarily following rules become slackened and people become more self-absorbed.  The little angel now equates the guilt of being “caught in the act” (of anything) as someone disrespecting them.

All of this brings me to the real focus of my thoughts.  This year (2015) has seen a increase in the level of negative police-citizenry interaction ( at least an increase in news coverage )  Let me acknowledge upfront, I realize that I stand in a different position that most or anyone who is in the middle of these interactions.  I do realize that we hire a group of people (policemen) who see us at our worst and have to deal with us.  We don’t hire police to pass out do-good rewards.  We hire police to attempt to recognize when we violate any one of a hundred thousand rules that impinge on the rest of society.  Certainly, after awhile, the police have heard every excuse and just have to apply that experience to someone about something at every point in time.

What I have noticed is every news-casted event, caught on video,  has the person stopped believing that whether in the right or wrong, the police are disrespecting them.  In their own mind, it’s their right to do whatever it was for which they were stopped. In short both people, the policeman and the perpetrator believe they have been “disrespected”.  It’s not necessary to discuss, here, the outcomes.  The outcomes have been well publicized, analyzed and criticized, because all you will hear is he was a good kid.  A good kid drives a car through a dealership window? Or tries to run down an officer?

Recall what it says on most police cars, “To Protect and To Serve”?  We’re coming to a time when the Police will realize it is no longer in their best interest to protect.  It will no longer be physically viable for a police officer to attempt to prevent the breaking of laws, the protection of property, the settling of family disputes or any civil unrest.  The police will soon learn that their necessary function will be to preliminarily investigate for the prosecutors office the results of laws broken.  Traffic violations, gang assaults, robberies, rapes and batteries will be handled by the perpetrators and victims at hand.

We are entering a new era of being disrespected, “and no one disrespect me and gets away with it”.

Lock and Load!


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One Response to Disrespected

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    Standing right next to you, locked and loaded, does that make a double barrel?

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