Every Summer Has a Story

Post #296   We have been summering in the lakes region of the upper Midwest. We have been doing this since our retirement.  Prior to retirement, we vacationed in the same location.   We have been revisiting the same lake since 1978.  I have become a self proclaimed expert on the west half of the lake.

The lake is 115,000 acres, and the fifth largest lake in the state or maybe it is the third.  Its ranking depends upon your choice of characterizations, shore line or water acreage.   I have favorite hot spots and can pretty much determine when to fish where and for what.

Considering fishing, I learned many years ago that “fishing is best when the wind is from the west”.  Always look for approaching low pressure (weather) cells and west winds.  Fish feed just before  a storm, and I have been quite successful.  Everything turned topsy turvy a few years ago.  West winds were dead to fishing and southeast wind produced the best pike for us and east wind (fishing is least when the wind is from the east) produced the best muskies.

As many of you have read from my blogs, we worked on some major remodeling projects in the early summer preparing for family arrivals.  The project concluded with the purchase of a custom made sign for the guest room; “Every Summer has a Story”.  As I reflect back, fish caught with west wind was a great story, and the summer of southeast winds were outstanding.

I waited all last winter, for this summer, planned adventures, purchased and sorted new lures.  Dreamed of the fish fighting for its freedom.  This has been the summer of strong south followed by north winds.  So,  I have spent more time on shore rather than on the lake this summer.  There have been periods of 4 and 5 days where the winds were 15-20 mph, gusting to 30.  On a big lake, the waves were too high to consider fishing enjoyable.

Yes, Every Summer has a Story, this year, for me it been the windy days.  Certainly, if you stop and consider it, you probably also have a summer story.

Oh yes, I also learned the following, (Fishing is best when the wind is from the West, Fishing is least when the wind is from the East, Wind from the south, blows the bait in the Fishes mouth, Wind from the north, don’t venture forth”, doesn’t mean a thing!





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  1. e.griggs@comcast.net says:

    Great story!

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